Perpectives in education

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  • Perpectives in Education
    • Functionalism - Macro/Top Down - Consensus - Structural
      • Durkheim : believed in value consensus ( shared norms of society). Education creates this and social solidarity - essential because it transfers the value consensus. It prepares us for wider society - school and  work are similar. Education teaches specialised knowledge and skills for social division of labour
      • Parsons : Believes in meritocracy. status can be achieved (univertistic  standards) or ascribed (particularistic). School acts as a bridge between family and wider society - secondary teaches us to work in order to gain status which is the same as work.
      • Davis and Moore : School has a function of allocating pupils to their future roles - based on ability and aptitudes. Focus on education and social inequality.
        • Inequality is necessary - so important roles are filled by the most talented and education is part of giving ground of needed ability. - Most able gain highest qualifications and so get most rewards and important jobs.
      • Key Words: D+M - role allocation, sifts and sorts, allocation principle.  Durkheim - social solidarity, specialist skills and value consensus. Parsons - meritocracy, bridging the gap and universalists and particularistic
    • New Right: influenced politics - new labour and conservative
      • Chubb and Moe - they believe that the state is failing education system and so its not meeting the economies needs as its not producing the necessary workforce.
        • As a result we need to fix this by increasing competition, increasing marketisation - league tables, national curriculum and OFSTED
      • NeoLiberals - economic doctrine has an influence on educational policies - state should not provide services like education, it should not dictate to people and so they should increase competition and marketisation.
        • Two Roles for the state: impose framework - OFSTED. School transmit share culture
    • Marxism -  Macro/Top Down -  Conflict - Structural
      • Willis - researched subcultures within education, he studies counter culture
      • Althusser - believed in RSA and ISA - he said education is an Ideological Status  Apparatus  as it maintains the capitalists ideas - controls ideas and beliefs
        • It reproduces and legitamises and reproduces classs inequality by creating a false class consciousness
      • Bowles and Gintits - capitalism needs a workforce with behaviour and attitudes to match their roles  - needs people to be alienated and exploited to accept hard work and low pay. Education helps to create this obedient workforce and accept inequality
        • It does this through the hidden curriculum, myth of meritocracy and correspondence principle
      • Key Words :  Althusser - Ideological Status Apparatus, False class concosiousness.  B + G - correspondence principle, hidden curriculum, myth of meritocracy


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