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  • Rodolfo
    • "he sings" "He's like a a chorus girl" (page 23)
      • Eddie is highly critical of Rodolfo
      • Rodolfo doesn't fit with the gender stereotype
        • Provokes Eddie
      • Eddie see's him as unnatural and effeminate
    • "You'll be quiet Rodolfo"(page 7)
      • Rodolfo respects his brother
      • Rodolfo is the younger brother and is controlled by Marco
      • Rodolfo is submissive at the beginning of the play
    • "A snappy new jacket he buys records, a pointy pair of new shoes and his brother's kids are starvin' over there with tuberculosis?" (Page 28)
      • Eddie sees Rodolfo as irresponsible materialistic and selfish
      • Lack of respect for Marcos family
        • Provokes Eddie
    • "I want you to be my wife and I want to be a citizen. Tell him that or I will. (he moves angrily)" (page 45)
      • Still leaves uncertainty whether he is only marrying her for citizenship
      • Passionate. Willing to stand up for what he believes in.


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