Rodolfo 2

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  • Rodolfo
    • "Stop that! Have respect for her!...(Rodolfo flies at him in attack)"  (Page 47)
      • Rodolfo stands up to Eddie when he attacks Catherine
      • Rodolfo becomes protective over Catherine which would suggest he does love her
    • "No Marco, please! Eddie, please, he has children! You will kill a family!" (Page 63)
      • He reminds us  the consequence of their actions
      • He appears no to be more mature and morally conscious than Eddie and Marco
    • "If i take in my hands a little bird. And she grows and wishes to fly. But i will not let her out of my hands because I love her so much, is that right for me to do?" (page 46)
      • Rodolfo understands the relationship between Eddie and Catherine
      • Rodolfo thinks Catherine should be given freedom (opposite of Eddie)
    • "Marco-promise the man. Please, I want you to watch the wedding, How can I be married and you're in here?"     (Page 58)
      • He now takes responsibility which shows he has matured by the end of the play
      • Rodolfo is showing his family loyalty


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