Rivers And Coasts

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  • Rivers And Coasts
    • Water Cycle
      • Evaporation-Water turning in to water vapiour
      • Groundwater flow- movement of water underground through rocks
      • Interception-collection of water by vegetation
      • Water table-the upper level of underground water.
    • Flood Management
    • River Landforms
      • Erosion
        • Abrasion-fragments of rock wear away the river bank or bed
        • Attrition-Rocks bang together to make themselves smaller and smoother
        • Hydraulic Action-The power of moving water being forced against  river banks causes them to collapse and be washed away
      • Transportation
        • As bedload- larger fragments being  rolled along the river bed by the water
        • As suspended load- smaller fragments carried along in the flow of the river
        • In solution- dissolved materials carried in the water
      • Deposition-This occur when a river has no energy to carry material any further
    • Coastal Landforms
      • Coastline management
    • Sustainable-  Capable of existing in the long term


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