Newcastle floods case study

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  • Newcastle floods- November 2012
    • Economic effects
      • Businesses closed and couldn't open for a while due to disruption and damage
      • Rail network/metro came to a halt
      • Millions of pounds of damage repair needed
      • Metro centre and central station flooded
    • Environmental effects
      • Landslides blocked East Coast and West Coast mainlines
      • contaminated river water
      • Trees carried away damaging local ecosystems
    • Management strategies
      • review of gully cleaning
      • Volunteer warden scheme
      • £3 million spent on strengthening flood defences
    • Reponses
      • clean up operation days after
      • engineers repair damage to east coast mainline
      • replacement bus services
    • Social effects
      • Homes flooded
      • Health risk as river water contaminated with sewage
      • 23,000 properties left without electricity


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