Rivers - Erosion, transport and Deposition

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  • Rivers
    • Erosion
      • Hydraulic Action
        • The sheer force of flowing water washes away any loose material on the bed and banks.
      • Abrasion
      • Solution
        • The slightly acidic river water dissolves rocks made of calcium carbonate.
      • Attrition
        • Stones collide together and are broken into smaller, rounder stones.
    • Transport
      • Traction
        • Stones are rolled along the river bed by the force of flowing water.
      • Saltation
        • Small stones are bounced along the river bed by flowing water
      • Suspension
        • Particles of silt and clay float and are carried along by the flowing water
      • Solution
        • Some minerals dissolve in water.
          • Limestone, for example dissolves slowly.
    • Deposition
      • If a river slows down because there is less water in it, or the land is flatter, the river will have less energy to carry its load.
        • Some of this material will be deposited.
        • Rivers slow down and deposit material on the inside of meander bends, in shallow water and when they reach the sea.


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