River profiles

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  • Rivers
    • upper course of the river channel
      • Vertical erosion
      • V shaped valley
      • Shallow water in the river channel
      • Large rocks and boulders
      • Hydraulic action, abrasion and attrition.
      • Some traction and saltation at high flow
      • deposition of large material
    • Middle course of the river channel
      • Wider, deeper channel
      • Some vertical erosion: lateral erosion is more prominent here.
      • Hydraulic action less prominent
      • suspension is main transportation
      • Deposition more obvious
      • Load size reduced
    • lower course of the river channel
      • Widest and deepest part of the river channel
      • Less erosion, only a little lateral
      • All erosion is much less prominent
      • Suspension is the dominant type of transportation


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