Transportation and Deposition

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  • Transportation and deposition
    • Transportation
      • Movement of eroded material.
      • Traction- boulders pushed along the river bed by the water.
      • Suspension- small particles carried by the water.
      • Saltation- Particles bounced along the river bed by the water.
      • Solution- soluble materials dissolve in the water.
    • Deposition
      • Coastal
        • Constructive waves deposit more than they erode.
        • Low frequency, powerful swash.
        • Backwash is weaker, lots of deposition.
        • Deposition increases as erosion increases.
      • River
        • Volume of water falls so sediment goes to the bed.
        • More eroded material.
        • Shallower water or river has reached the sea or lake- less energy so sediment is dropped.


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