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  • Defences
    • Abingdon
      • Advantages
        • Land use management means the impact of flooding is receded, provides recreational opportunities
        • Vegetation provides habitats
        • Due to soakaways pollutants are filtered by the time water reaches the channel
        • Requires less money / time to maintain. Lower environmental impact
        • 2008 floods did less damage than previous years: minimal cost, no lives lost and only a few injuries.
      • Disadvantages
        • Land use management can't be used in already urbanised areas
        • Planting riparian buffers means less land is available for farming
        • Alteration of urban surfaces is usually expensive
        • Flash floods may happen too fast for flood warnings
        • People may not have access to the internet warnings / may ignore them if they've been wrong in the past
    • Low-value Land allowed to flood, e.g. Tilsley Park sports ground
    • Planning restrictions, e.g. houses built on Ricker Ock flood plain must have improved drainage systems
    • Tesco had to add soak ways and permeable tarmac
    • Environmental agency's Local flood warning plan provides a 24 hour flood line.
    • Improvementsmade to riparian buffers
    • Voluntary flood wardens


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