Flood management(soft engineering)- Abingdon , Oxfordshire

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  • Abingdon , Oxfordshire-using soft engineering to manage river flooding
    • Defences
      • Gravel soakaways along the A34
        • water infiltrates through the gravel
          • lag time increases
      • low-value land (sports ground) is allowed to flood
      • Tesco had to revise extension plans
        • they had to add drainage improvements
          • soakaways
          • permeable tarmac
      • Environment agency's local flood warning plan warns areas at risk and provides a 24 hour floodline
      • aforestation
        • reduces the volume of water reaching the riivers
      • new planning restrictions on the Ock floodplain
        • New housing developments must have improved drainage systems
    • Background info
      • Abingdon has had regular floods over the years
      • 1500 properties in Abingdon have a 1% chance of flooding in a year
      • Intense storms in July 2007 flooded 660 properties
        • Urbanization increased the surface runoff
      • Abingdon was built on floodplains
        • River Thames and Ock
          • In July 2007 their banks burst
      • Hard engineering defences have been rejected
        • too expensive
        • Flood risk would increase down stream
    • Improvements?
      • flood warning were issued in early 2008 by the environment agency
      • The Ock flood plain didn't get flooded although it has developments on it
      • Thames flood plain did get flooded but its clear of developments  due to land use management
      • less damage
        • no lives lost
        • minimal costs
        • less disruption to the community
        • few injuries


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