This is a breif overview of the tribes that use rituals in their society and some authors who said some things about Rituals. This does not include Rites of Passage, although they are a rituals.

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  • Rituals
    • Is a religious ceremony consisting of a series of actions preformed according to a prescribed order
      • Lincoln said that rituals reinforce gender roles and inequality
      • Gluckman said that rituals give the powers of role reversal
    • The Nacirema
      • North America
      • Studied by Miner
      • The body is ugly and most of all the mouth is the worst
      • Rituals consist of them cleaning there teeth with hog  hog's fur
      • Without proper cleaning teeth will fall out and the gums will get infected
    • The Kachin
      • Myanmar
      • Studied by Leach
      • Rituals consist of serve polictical reason
      • Rituals require sacrifice
      • Reinforce hierarchy stucture
    • The Sinhalese
      • Sri Lanka
      • Studied by Kapferer
      • Practice demon exceosim
      • Possed is excorised by a preist and once they are cured they are meant to be more respectful and see the world more clearly
    • The Ndembu
      • Zambia
      • Studied by Turner
      • The milk tree represents the bond between baby and mother
      • Once a women has had her first period she has to sit under the tree alone over the period of her menstrual cycle


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