Engaging with Nature

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  • Engaging With Nature
    • Societies
      • Hunter gatherers - living off the surface of the landscape, they split into two groups man and women, the women gather and the men hunt
      • Extensive food producers - living off of pastoralism (herding or slash and burn) The Maasai do this
      • Industrial societies - collectives such as communist countries or captialist, the use technology to mass produce food for large populations, leading to a division of labour
    • Nature vs Culture
      • Levi-Strauss - human beings will always view nature and culture as two different things as they need to classify
      • Ortner - women are linked closer to nature through childbirth, where men are closer to culture which they value more
    • Socail and spiritual repersentation
      • Human beings see the world differently
      • Those brougt up in material culture see things as shapes and as tangible representations of nature
      • Those brought up in other cultures see nature differently using their imagination, vision dream and abstract representation
      • Spirts are thought to be embodied in carvings - the Maori conduct rituals to protect and pacify spirits when their wooden carvings are being exhibited
      • Tobacco is also sacred and has purifying powers and drives out bad spirits (Native Americans)
    • Biocentrism vs Anthropocentric view
      • Biocentrism is the view or belief that the rights and needs of humans are not more important than those of other living
      • Anthropocentric is regarding humankind as the central or most important element of existence


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