The body

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  • The body
    • Techniques of the body was written by Mauss and he said they were universal but contained societal differences and those differences are passed down through the generations
      • Globalisation blurs these differences as people in one country are now walking, talking and attracting like people in US movies
      • French walk differently to British
      • Sprinters run differently to gymnasts
      • People hold cutlery and pens differently
    • Habitus is the theory by Bourdieu
      • the family is our primary Habitus and this is where we get our primary socialisation skills like walking, type of speech
      • School, clubs and work is our secondary Habitus and this is were we build upon our original body techniques
        • We therefore, mix the old and traditional with the new and modern
    • As a means to rebel or conform
      • Rebel
        • Tattoo's that parents or teacher/emplyers may not want us to have
        • During school we modify our appearance, piercings, uniform and hair to feel that we are not apart of one big system and we are individual
        • It is illegal in 70 countries for a man to wear women's clothes
      • Conform
        • Amry or prison tattoo's that will introduce you into a certain group oof people
        • Schools have uniforms to show a united institution and take away bullying
        • Viels and burqasat as a safe guard against gendder oppression
    • The body as a symbol
      • Theorists
        • Becker found that different body shapes are desirable in different parts of the world - bigger calf's are attractive on women in Fiji
        • Thomson said that black girls see their hair as an extension of themselves and the way it appeared influenced how people treated you
        • Miller wrote about the power of the Indian sari and how it made women have power over men as it was a tool of seducation
      • In South India the left hand is seen as impure, so those who are naturally left handed are forced to write right handed
      • Sexual acts are seen as both sacred but a subject of taboo in South Asia
    • Body modification
      • Kayapo have lips plates that both symbolise the transition from childhood to manhood and also create a hierarchy structure, the bigger the plate the higher you are
      • In Papa New Guinea they use scarification to look like crocodiles or birds
      • Diet, tattoo's, piercings and cosmetic surgery is used rto try and become more attractive


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