Wolsey's Rise To Power

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  • Rise Of Wolsey
    • Personality
      • Extremely ambitious and intelligent
      • Charming and persuasive
        • Enabled him to gain connections to the king and other rulers
      • Ruthless  with anyone who threatened him or the kings government
        • He was willing to financially ruin his rivals
          • Deterred any challenges to his position
      • Effective negotiator
    • Large Influence
      • Had power in both the church and the government
        • 1515
          • Lord Chancellor
          • Cardinal
            • Strengthened his power
          • Archbishop of York
          • Bishop of Lincoln
      • 1509 Royal Almoner
        • Became a member of the royal council
          • Access to the king
    • Henry VIII
      • Henry disliked many of his father's advisors
        • Believed that they were too cautious and unpopular
          • Removed potential rivals and eased Wolsey's path into power
      • Henry did not want to involve himself in the day to day tasks of government
        • Preferred to joust
    • 1512 War with France
      • Wolsey provided Henry with a well equipped and well supplied army by 1513
        • He demonstrated skills that Henry could rely on


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