Henry viii

Foreign policy aims

England to be seen as 'universal peacemaker'. Improve relationships whilst playing France and Spain off on each other.

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When did Henry gain power - DATE


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Wolseys reforms - Justice system

Wolsey strengthened the Star Chamber to ensure the law wasn't biased. He also encouraged the poor to bring cases to court. Then supported cases to rich vs poor.

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Reasons for Wolsey's rise to power

He did tasks Henry found boring, was royal almoner so was in close contact to Henry, persuasive personality.

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Wolseys reforms - Eltham Ordinances

Cut the privileges of people in the privy council/chamber. He cut spending on meals/servants.

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Wolseys reforms - Eltham Ordinances - DATE


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Field of cloth of gold - DATE


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Wolsey's failure with foreign policy - TREATY OF C


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Field of cloth of gold - WHAT IT WAS

Brought France and Spain to London where Henry showed off his power.

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Treaty of Cambria - WHAT IT WAS

Peace deal between France and Spain, Henry only informed at last moment.

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Wolseys reforms - Eltham Ordinances - Reason for f

Wolsey lost interest once he reduced size of privy council.

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Wolseys reforms - Finance

Subsidy - tax based on income.

Clerical taxation - voluntary contribution made by church.

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Treaty of London - DATE


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Amicable Grant - Short term consequence

Many refused to pay, rebellions, eventually scrapped.

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Amicable Grant - Long term consequence

Wolsey was humiliated, his posiioned was questioned by Henry, rich hated him even more

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Amicable Grant - DATE


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Amicable Grant - WHAT IT WAS

Tax of a third of property of priests and a sixth of property of ordinary people

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Divine right of Kings - WHAT IT WAS

Henry believed he had been appointed by God.

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Treaty of London - WHAT IT WAS

Universal peace act signed by 20 European leader - prevented war for 3 years

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