Inhabitants improving Shanty Towns

Attempts inhabitants make...

Neighbours help each other with building and some have even built small schools.


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Self-help Schemes

  • Involve the government and local people working together to improve life.
  • The government supplies building materials.
  • Local people use them to build/improve their own homes.
  • This provides better housing.
  • The money that is saved on labour can be used to provide basic services:
    • Electricty
    • Clean running water
    • Sewers
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Site and Service Schemes

  • People pay a small amount of rent for a site.
  • They can borrow money to buy building materials to build/improve a house.
  • The rent money is then used to provide basic services for the area.
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Local Authority Schemes

  • Funded by the local government.
  • Improving the temporary accommodation built by residents.
  • The city of Rio, in Brazil, spend $120 million on the Favela-Bairro Project.
  • This project is aimed to improve life for the inhabitants.
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