Geography - Favela-Bairro Project

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  • Favela-Bairro Project
    • Location: Rio de Janeiro
      • Started in 1995
    • There are 600 squatter settlements in Rio
      • One million people live in these squatter settlements (one fifth of the city's population)
    • It cost $300 million
      • 40% of the cost came from the local authority
      • The Inter-American Development Bank paid for the rest of the project
    • The project has helped 253,000 people
      • It involved 73 squatter settlements
    • Social Improvements
      • Daycare centres and after school schemes to look after children while their parents word
      • Adult education classes to improve adult literacy
      • Services to help people affected by drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and domestic violence
    • Economic Improvements
      • Residents can now apply to legally own their own properties
      • Training schemes help people to learn new skills so they can find better jobs and earn more
    • Environmental Improvements
      • Replacement of wooden buildings with brick buildings and the removal of homes on dangerously steep slopes
      • Widening and paving of the streets to allow access
      • Provision of basic services such as clean water, electricity, and weekly rubbish collection
    • How was the community involved?
      • Residents chose which improvements they wanted
    • Proof of success


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