Revolt of the Norman Earls (1075)

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  • Revolt of the Norman Earls (1075)
    • Led by the Norman Earls
    • Causes
      • Kings sheriffs held pleas in Rogers lands challenging his local power.
      • William had forbidden Ralph's marriage
      • Waltheof had to much to drink at the Wedding feast
        • His wife Judith informed the King and he was arrested and beheaded in 1076
    • Roger was the 'driving force' behind the rebellion
    • Events
      • Waltheof beheaded in 1076
      • Rebels tried to raise help from Danes however they were delayed following confusion in Denmark after their King died (1074)
      • Danish fleet under Cnut sailed for England however rebellion was over by the time they arrived.
      • William was warned of rebellion by Judith
      • Earl of Hereford was trapped beyond river Severn by Wulfstan and Aethling who cooperated to raise an army
    • Consequences
      • Waltheof beheaded (1076)
      • Ralph flees to Britany
      • Roger is sentanced to life imprisonment


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