Unit 1: Resolving Land-Use Conflicts

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  • Resolving Land-Use Conflicts
    • Planning controls
      • Planning applications to local planning authority
      • Public inquires for larger or controversial projects
        • Intrested groups present their cases
        • Inspector compiles a report with recomendation
      • Planning applications are usually granted if reasonable
    • Areas with strict planning controls
      • National Parks - virtually no development unless essential/very desirable
      • Green Belts - area round urban area  restricting urban expansion
        • Designated by DEFRA
        • Stops urban sprawl and urban areas merging
        • Encourages regeneration of brownfield sites
        • Problems
          • Leapfrogging
          • Increased land prices
          • Encourages building on greenfield sites (urban parks)
          • Overcrowding
          • Shortage of development land
      • Green Wedges - better alternative to Green Belts
        • Green corridoors
        • Transport avoids green areas
        • Urban expansion possible
        • Important areas for wildlife prioritised


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