Unit 1: More Land-use Conflicts

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  • More Land-Use Conflicts
    • Wind farms - 'cleaner energy'
      • Spoils views of scenically attractive areas
      • Noise pollution
      • Can kill birds by rotating blades especially if they are on migration routes
      • Habitat loss
    • Hydroelectric Power - 'cleaner energy'
      • Located in areas of scenic beauty - spoils views
      • Floods habitats and land
      • Noise pollution
    • Tidal Barrages - 'cleaner energy'
      • Changes in water level, currents and turbidity - affects estuary habitats
      • Shipping affected
      • Materials extracted by quarrying
    • Tourism - increased numbers of visitors to countryside
      • Increased congestion
      • Increased trampling damage
      • Damage by building necessary facilities
      • Conflicting activities
    • Landfill sites and Incinerators - increased waste
      • Take up land - habitat loss or land used for construction
      • Release pollutants
      • Congestion while building
      • Lowers house prices
      • Noise/sight pollution


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