Unit 1: Land-use Conflicts

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  • Land-use Conflicts
    • Urban Expansion - increased population size
      • Building on brownfield sites
        • Increases overcrowding
        • Increases congestion
        • Reduces quality of life in an urban area
      • Building on greenfield sites
        • Destroys natural environment and habitats
        • Reduces agricultural land
        • Urban sprawl
    • Road Developments - people travel by car more
      • More congestion
      • More road expansion needed = destroys environement
      • Increased pollution
    • Proposed or Enlarged Airports - growth in air travel
      • Loss of farmland
      • Loss of natural habitats
      • Loss of rural communities
      • Noise and congestion
    • Port developments - increased trade
      • Destruction of sensitive wildlife habitats e.g. mudflats, saltmarsh
      • Increased congestion
      • Noise and sight pollution
    • Mining and Quarrying - important materials
      • Extracted in areas with high soil fertility
      • Ruins aesthetic views
      • High population density areas - congestion


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