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  • Choosing Research Methods  PET
    • Pratical
      • Time -The most long term method is ethnography (long term observation of a group) Sometimes an researcher will have to talk to a wide range of people, which takes time.
      • Cost- Postage and travel can be costly , can be even more if the study takes many months
      • Access- Might be difficult to gain access and may need permission.
        • If it is a covert study to get excepted into the group may depend on the age and sex and assuming the native costume
      • Danger - Covert methods risk exposing sociologists, if discovered it could lead to anger in the group. Could involve doing some high risk activities
    • Ethical
      • Participants in studies should have given fully-informed consent. this makes covert questionable
      • No participant should be harmed in any way this can mean physically or through being distressed
      • Participants confidentiality should be respected so in publications there should be nothing identifying them, i.e. Names, Addresses
      • Sociologists should not break the law or be present when others are doing so


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