Personal Life Perspective and the Family

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  • Personal Life Perspective and the Family
    • Micro theory
    • This perspective puts forward the idea that we try to understand the view point of the individual and what meanings they give to their relationships
    • Because this perspective focuses on individuals and the meaning that they give to their relationships, it enables sociologists to see and comprehend a range of relationships that might not usually be defined as 'family'
      • Relationships with friends
      • Fictive Kin
      • Gay/ lesbian 'chosen families'
      • Relationships with dead relatives
      • Pets
    • Peter Nordqvist and Carol Smart's research explored the idea of what is family. They focused on donor families, and discovered that relationships were complex and varied between couples, parents and children
    • Evaluation
      • Nordqvists's and Smart's research highlights the value of a 'bottom-up' approach
        • It helps us to understand 'meaning' and 'interpretation'
      • One can argue that this perspective takes too broad a view of life
      • The PLP does not understand that not all family relationships are positive


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