gender role socialisation in the family - oakley 1981

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  • Gender role socialisation in the family - Oakley 1981
    • is a feminist
    • Canalisation
      • involves parents channelling their child's interests
      • encouraging girls to play with dolls & boys to play football
      • push them towards toys, activities & games which are considered the norm for their gender
    • argues that gender roles are socially constructed
    • Manipulation
      • consists of encouraging behaviour that's seen as stereo-typically acceptable
      • discouraging behaviour which isn't considered as the norm
      • Examples
        • laughing if a boy gets muddy
        • congratulating a boy for attempting something adventurous
        • discouraging a girl from doing anything remotely, muddy or dirty
    • explains how children are socialised into gender roles by families
    • Verbal appellation
      • even pet names that reinforce gender expectations
      • refers to giving children nicknames
      • 'princess' for little girls & 'little monster' for boys
    • Different activities
      • girl helping her mother with baking / cooking
      • parents / family members may encourage children to do activities
      • boy helping his father clean the car


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