Sampling methods

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  • Sampling frame: A list of all the members in the research population
    • Research Sampling Methods
      • Gatekeeper: Person that gives access to the target population's details
      • Representative sampling types
        • Simple random sample: sample which gives every member of the sample an equal chance of being selected
        • Systematic random sample: Systematic selection of people from a smaller sampling frame
        • Stratified random sample: Population separated into strata. These people are then randomly selected in characteristic groups
        • Quota Sampling: Researcher represents characteristics of the population, by sampling a small amount of each
        • PROS
          • Provides representative results
          • Allows for generalisation to be made from results
        • CONS
          • Time-consuming ad there needs to be access to a sampling frame
          • Need good knowledge of the target population
          • Sample must be sorted before the research can begin
      • Non-Representative sampling tyes
        • Snowball Sample: Start with a small amount of people and other people identify other people to take part
        • Volunteer Sample: Members of the sample are self-selected
        • Opportunity Sample: Taking the people available at the time of the research that fit your criteria
        • Purposive Sample: Focuses on certain characteristics of the population of interest. Needs the judgement of the researcher
        • PROS
          • No need for access to a sampling frame
          • Research can begin before the whole sample is selected
        • CONS
          • Results are less representative
          • Harder to make generalisations from results
          • Participants may have similar characteristics and it can be time consuming
          • Participants may need an incentive to take part, which can be costly


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