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Random Sampling 

When a researcher randomly selects participants from a list, etc. each member of the  target population has an equal chance of being selected . Positivists prefer this as it provides a sufficient size, it should produce a representative sample that reflects the characterises of the TP and so findings can be generalised. 

Opportunity Sampling

This is where a researcher selects participants based on their availability. an e.g would be standing on the street asking people to join the research. this is quick and easy way to access a sample so critically is an advantage. but it may not be representative and so findings would not be able to be generalised.

Quota Sampling

This may be used when researchers want a particular group be well represented. It does not have an element of random sampling and so it can be considered to be less reliable. this form of method may be used in market research. 

Stratified Sampling


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