Required Practicals

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  • AQA GCSE: Chemistry Required Practicals
    • Preparation of a pure, dry, salt
      • Measure sulfuric acid into beaker. Heat acid gently, add insoluble copper oxide in excess. Filter to remove the excess. Evaporate until crystals begin to form. Leave in cool place for 24 hours, then pat dry with filter paper.
    • Neutralisation
      • Use pipette to measure 25cm^3 of alkali into conical flask. Fill burette with acid. Add small amount of pheolphtalein indicator to flask. Slowly open the burette while swirling conical flask. Add drop by drop near endpoint, then close when colour changes from pink to colourless. Record titre, then find average of concordant results
    • Electrolysis
      • Add 50cm^3 of salt solution to beaker, add lid and insert carbon electrodes. Do not allow rods to touch. Attach crocodile clips and connect to dc terminals. Record observations. Gas produced bleaches blue litmus, chlorine. Hydrogen at - electrode.
    • Temperature changes
      • Add 25cm^3 of acid into polystyrene cup and stand in beaker. Record temp. Add 5cm^3 of alkali at a time and record max temp each time. Repeat and find mean.
    • Rates of reaction
      • Measure 10cm^3 sodium thiosulfate into conical flask. Add 40cm3 of water. Add 10cm3 of hydrochloric acid, and start timer. Swirl flask and look down flask. Stop time when cross disappears
      • Measure 50cm3 of hydrochloric acid using measuring cylinder and pour into conical flask. Add magnesium ribbon and put bung back in. Record volume of gas given off every 10 seconds
    • Chromotography
      • Draw horizontal pencil line 2cm up filter paper. Add small dots of different inks along the line. Suspend in beaker of water, ensuring ink isn't in water. Leave for water to travel, calculate Rf values
    • Identifying ions
      • Flame test for metal ions
        • Dip wire into solution, hold tip in blue Bunsen flame
          • Crimson-Li+ Yellow-Na+ Lilac-K+ Orange-Ca2+ Green-Cu2+
      • Sodium hydroxide test for metal ions
        • Add a few drops of sodium hydroxide in excess
          • White precip dissolved=Al3+                      White precip no dissolved = Ca2+ORMg2+ Blue = Cu2+ Green = Fe2+ Brown = Fe3+
      • Carbonate ion
        • Place limewater in test tube, add hydrochloric acid to unknown solution. Transfer gas produced to limewater. Cloudy = Co32- present
      • Sulfate ion
        • Add hydrochloric acid to unknown solution, add barium chloride. White precipitate = SO42- produced
      • Halide ions
        • Add nitric acid and silver nitrate. White = chlorine, cream = bromide, yellow = iodide
    • Water purification
      • To analyse a sample of water: use universal indicator or pH probe to test pH. Record mass of empty evaporating basin, pour 10cm3 water into basin and evaporate until majority evaporated. Once cool, record change in mass, calculate mass of dissolved solids.
      • Place water in conical flask, set up for distillation. Heat until boiling, collect around 1cm in boiling tube, analyse with cobalt chloride paper




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