Representations of Sexuality

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  • Representation of Sexuality
    • People's sexual characteristics
    • Heterosexuality involves having a sexual orientation towards people of opposite sex
    • Sexual orientation refers to the type of people individuals are physically or romantically attracted to
    • Women are viewed as sexual objects but changing social attitudes mean men are also becoming sexual objects
      • Postmodernist
        • McRobbie (1994)
          • The beauty stakes have gone up for men, and women have taken up the position of active viewers
      • New Stereotype: Metrosexual
        • Heterosexual men who embrace their feminine side
    • Homosexuality
      • Sexual orientation towards someone of the same sex
      • Gross (1991)
        • Media often symbolically annihilate gays and lesbian
          • They do this by exuding them entirely, trivialising, condemning them or making fun of them
      • Gauntlett (2008)
        • Although things are changing, gays and lesbians are still under-represented or portrayed negatively in the media
      • EXAMPLES
        • Stonewall (2010)
          • In a study of TV programmes most popular with young people
            • Less then 5% of of the programmes had a representing LGBT+ character
            • 36% of portrayals were negative
        • Cowan  (2007)
          • Fifth of people think TV is responsible for ant-gay prejudice
          • And Valentine (2005)
            • Study on the BBC and found that gay people were 5x more likely to be portrayed negatively than positively
      • HOWEVER
        • There is growing acceptance and tolerance on the diversity of sexual orientations
          • Due to a change of LGBT representation in TV shows
            • More celebrities coming out such as Matt Lucas and Gok Wan
        • Pluralist
          • Pink Pound
            • The growing gay and lesbian market
              • EXAMPLES
                • Increasing advertising campaigns
              • Responding to what gays and lesbians want
      • Gill (2007)
        • Sanitised
          • To avoid offending heterosexual audiences
            • Media represent gay sexuality in a sanitised way
              • Gay Men
                • Rarely sexualised and usually appeals to women
              • Lesbian
                • Over sexualised and appeals to straight male sexual fantasy


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