Topic 5 - Representations of sexuality

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Moral panics and sexuality

Both tabloid newspapers and television news have reported aspects of sexuality, causing moral panics and thus causing social anxiety.

Homosexuals experience periodic moral panics with regard to 'unnatural' practices. 1980s TV advert of gays causing the spread of HIV and AIDS - 'the gay plague'.

1990s - promiscuity of teenage girls led to dependency culture.#

Young people's media and representations of sexuality

Batchelor et al. (2004) - the mass media have an important role to play in the shaping the knowledge and attitudes of young people with regard to sexuality.

Some aspects of sexuality were represented very positively in terms of publicizing sexual health information.

Representations of homosexuality

Batchelor et al. (2004) - being gay was not generally intergrated into mainstream media representations. In TV dramas it was represented as anxiety and embarrassment.

Dyer (2002) - the media construct 'signs of gayness' which causes people who act in a certain way to be labbeled as gay.

Gerbner et al. (1986) - the media participate in the 'symbolic…


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