Renewable energy

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  • Renewable energy-BRAZIL
    • WIND
      • No fossil fuels
      • Brazil has highlands near the coast(stretch of 1400km) This is near the densely pop. areas=less on transport
      • Take up less space than the average power station
      • Noise pollution
      • Many turbines needed
      • Less efficient than Dam
      • Brazil has the greatest wind energy production capacity in Latin America and the Caribbean
        • Potential of 143,000MW
      • In Rio Grande do Norte there building lots of wind farms(23 projects)
    • SOLAR
      • More focused on micro-energy(smaller scale)
      • Very seasonal
      • Suitable in Northern regions where the temperators are 20*+
        • But this is away from the populated areas
      • Can be placed in remote loacations
      • Silent


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