Religious Expression

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  • Religious Expression (3)
    • Key Words
      • Community - a group of people with something in common e.g a church or a school
      • Evangelism - spreading a faith or religion to others e.g by handing out leaflets
      • Faith - to have trust or belief in someone or something e.g Christians having a faith in God and showing it through worship.
        • Identity - particular personality and character it makes us all unique e.g clothing and religion
      • Pilgrimage - a journey taken for religion reasons e.g Jerusalem or Bethlehem
      • Sacred - something special and respected e.g The Torah or The BIble
    • Expressing faith through what is worn
      • Christian
        • Christians do not have specific requirements, but they make express their beliefs and identity. This will make them an outward witness of their faith.
          • Some denominations might wear clothing, e.g Salvation Army often wear a uniform for a reminder that they stand for war against evil and suffering and fighting for God.
          • They might wear a cross around their kneck. They may wear the fish symbol which was used by early Christians as a secret symbol. They're expected to dress modestly.
      • Jews
        • What they wear depends on the branch of Judaism they belong to. Many of them wear the kippah and tallit. Kippah shows respect to God as it covers part of the head which is the closest to God.
        • Liberal Jewish women will sometimes wear Kippah and Tallit for worship.
        • Jewish males wear tefillin for prayer. Leather boxes contain passages from the Torah and shows God's words enter through the heart and the mind when they pray.
        • In Synagogues, worshippers are expected to dress modestly.
    • Symbols in a place of worship
      • Jews - Synagouge
        • Symbols are used to aid worship, help them focus/concentrate on it.
          • The ner tamid represents menorah in the temple and that God is present.
        • There are two bronze tablets, showing the Ten Commandments.
        • Stained glass windows represent festivals. They don't represent human or animal life.
      • Christians - Church
        • Symbols are used to aid worship, help them focus/concentrate on it.
        • Stained glass windows are reminders of stories from the Bible and Jesus.
          • The Alter is a symbol of God meeting his people.
          • Crosses are often inside/outside, they represent the death and resurrection of Jesus.
        • Pulpit is used for preaching. It's usually raised to show important of messages.
    • Pilgrimage
      • Christians
        • It isn't a requirement for Christians to go on pilgrimage. Christians from denominations go to Holy Land due to connections with Jesus' life. They visit Bethlehem where Jesus was born and also Golgotha.
        • Some Christians take the visit to Lourdes in hope of a miracle.
      • Jews
        • According to the Torah, every Jew must go to Jerusalem for 3 pilgrim festivals. Some Jews say its important to go Israeli to visit Western Wall which is a great historical site. Some Jews consider it important to visit graves of spiritual rabbis.
    • Sharing faith
      • Christian
        • Some denominations consider it important to spread beliefs. Can do this by meetings, envangelism in public. Some TV channels have been set up to try and get people to convert. Many Christians consider it important to take part in interfaith dialogue.
      • Jews
        • Judaism doesn't seek converts and some people believe it's impossible to convert unless the mother is Jewish. For those that allow conversion it's expected classes will be attended, men are expected to be circumcised. Jews consider it important to take part in interfaith dialogue.
    • Actions of religious charity/orgaisations
      • Christianity
        • The Salvation Army's work seeks to lead people to knowledge Jesus. Follow Jesus's example and teachings it seeks to fight for social justice. Following his actions and teachings it particulary supports those people who are poor, hoemless or ulnerable. It's actions are based on Christian belief about sacred and God. Actions are inspired by Jesus.
          • It has teams of workers who support homeless by offering advice and support. Through drop-in centers and hostels offer food, accommodation and medical support.
      • Jews
        • Jewish Action and Training for sexual health, they provide education and support for those with HIV/Aids, confidential counselling is offered to those and to family. They raise awareness, they care for the sick to show love and kindness and give financial and pastoral support.


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