Monotheism and Fundamentalism

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  • Bruce: Monotheism and fundamentalism
    • He sees the main cause of fundamentalism as the perception by religious traditionalists that globalisation threatens their beliefs and lifestyles.
      • This leads them to develop rigid rules about belief and behaviour.
    • Fundamentalism is confined to monotheistic religions.
      • For example
        • The Klu Klux Klan in Christianity
        • Isis in Islam
    • Polytheistic religions that include the belief in many Gods are unlikely to produce fundamentalism.
      • For example: Hinduism
    • Two Fundamentalisms
      • In the West
        • Fundamentalism is a reaction to change within society
          • For example: trends towards diversity and choice.
            • The New Christian Right in America has developed in opposition to family diversity sexual permissiveness, gender equality and secular education.
      • In the third world
        • Fundamentalism is usually a reaction to changes being thrust on a society from the outside.
          • For example: Western values imposed by foreign capitalism. Here, fundamentalism involved resistance to the state's attempts to reduce the social of religion.


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