Religion in the media

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  • Religion in the media
    • Television
      • Direct TV
        • This means that the program is for religious purposes only.
        • ITV has to show a lest an hour of religious TV.
      • Indirect TV
        • This i when there is religion entwined with a everyday program
        • This could be like soaps showing moral issues
      • Religious leaders know that it is easy to get the message across through TV.
      • Through TV channels like GOD, they can help conversion.
    • Internet
      • It is the most important technology in the world and the most used.
      • The internet can cover all types of religion and go into good details and explain them.
      • However this will not give you the full spiritual experience as church would.
    • Newspapers and magazines
      • they cover all ages as older people will prefer newspapers and younger people may prefer magazines.
      • Traditional form of media


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