Peace and Conflict


Peace and Peacemaking 

"When the ignorant address them so harshly, they say words of peace."(Quran)

"Repel evil with what is better" (Quran)

"Enter into peace wholeheartedly" (Quran)

What are muslim teaching about peacemaking/peace

  • There is a direct link between ideas of justice and peace. If justice and fairness can be attained, peace will follow - ummah demonstrates the ideas of equality and justice, as all muslims are of equal worth & value & support eachother.
  • Forgiveness is important to achieving peace. Recognise everyone makes mistakes & deserves to be given a second chance. Allah is merciful and they should follow his example.
  • Reconciliation - making up after conflict. This is needed in order to live in an ordered and peaceful world as Allah intends.

How are Muslims working for peace today?

  • Islamic Relief - Raises awareness of children living in poverty. Provides emergency aid and relief. 
  • Muslim Peace Fellowship - Work against injustice. Promotes Islamic ideas of peace and non-violence through talks.

Why do Muslims work for peace?

  • To follow teachings of Isam which promotes peace rather than conflict. 
  • Quran contains many quotes relating to ideas of peace.
  • Live as Allah intended and to bring justice to the world.
  • Help care for others which is a duty outlined by Muhammad to humans. 
  • Support


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