Religion, War and Peace 2

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  • Religion, War and Peace 2
    • What is the difference between greater and lesser jihad?
      • Lesser jihad is Military struggle, whereas greater jihad is a struggle to do the right thing, such as learning the Qu'ran by heart or overcoming extreme emotion.
    • What are the military jihad conditions?
      • -Last Resort - all efforts have been made to protect civilians and habitat - declared by religious leader - can be in defense of faith - overthrow a tyrant - all able bodied men must fight.
    • Give 3 differences between military jihad and just war:
      • MJ can be started by a religious leader not government, MJ protects environment also, All able bodied men must fight in MJ
    • What is terrorism?
      • Unlawful use of violence against innocent victims to achieve a political goal. Aims to shock.
    • Name 3 terrorist organisations and things they have done.
      • IRA- Ireland attacks, KKK - killed black people, ISIS - Believe everyone should follow their 'religion', Al - Qaeda - Believed America was corrupt - 9/11 bombings.
    • What problems do victims of war face?
      • Homelessness, PTSD, disability, widows, orphans, poor sanitation, poverty.
    • How can charity help victims of war?
      • -Help to reunite families - protect orphans and provide education - send food, water and medication - put up temporary housing and shelter, counselling.
    • What do the Red Cross do?
      • relieve pain and suffering from those in war zones, set up hospitals, camps, provide food and water etc. They are neutral.
    • What is peace?
      • A state of harmony where there is freedom for all, not just absence of war.
    • What is justice?
      • the administration of the law, being fair and reasonable.
    • What is sanctity of life?
      • protection of all sentient life, all life is valuable.
    • Name 3 examples of pacifists and what they did:
      • Gandhi - peaceful marches, speeches and sit ins opposing the British rule in India.
      • The Quakers - Christian, oppose all violence, believe that all relationships should be loving.
      • Dalai Lama - leader of Tibetan Buddhists, Exiles from Tibet by China, but refused to fight them.
      • Dietrich Bonhoeffer - Opposed Hitler, joined group to assassinate Hitler, and saved Jews, though he was opposed to violence.
    • Name 2 organisations that work for Peace:
      • The UN - Promotes world peace and communications between countries, also provides for the impoverished.
      • The UN - Promotes world peace and better communications between countries, provides aid.
      • NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation - countries support and protect each other, peacekeeping efforts.


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