Peace and Conflict

A model answer, with questions a, b, c and d, for the Peace and Conflict topic in Unit 8.

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Unit 8, Topic 3: Peace and Conflict
d. Religious people should never go to war. Do you agree?
*Refer to one religion other than Christianity.
I agree with the statement, because in all religions, the main value is peace ­ not war. Muslims would
agree with me, because they believe in peace and reconciliation, which is at the heart of Islam.
Evidence is that the word `Islam' translates to `peace'.
Another reason religious people should never go to war is that it can cause unimaginable
suffering. In Christianity, it is taught that killing is a sin, and in war, certain weapons (i.e. weapons of
mass destruction) cause huge numbers of deaths, and therefore war should not be fought. Evidence
is the Decalogue, which forbids killing.
Some people would disagree with me, because they say that in some cases, a war has to be fought
as the lesser of two evils. If the war is fighting against injustice, it is considered a `just war' as it is
fighting for a good cause. Evidence is the war in Darfur, which is fought against oppression of Arabs.
Another reason people disagree with me is that they say sometimes, a war is fought as a last
resort. If all other non-violent methods have been tried and failed, a war may be necessary to bring
about peace. Evidence is World War II; Britain tried to appease Hitler, but a war was fought when this
did not work.
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