Religion as oppressive or liberating

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  • Religion as oppressive or liberating- Feminists
    • De Beauvoir
      • Religion controls women by rewarding their oppression w/ heaven
    • Bruce
      • Women (despite participating in rel. more) are excluded from important roles
    • Armstrong
      • No major religion has a positive view/ treatment of women
    • Daley
      • Christianity reinforces women's position in 4 ways
      • Religious images- women are seen as virginial or as prostitutes  conforming to men
      • Religious teachings- women are seen as pure or evil and promiscuous
      • Excluded from church hierarchy- stained glass ceiling
      • Oppression and deception- church act as form of social control as they reinforce men are in charge- women  are taught if they're good wives they will be rewarded in heaven
    • El sawadi
      • Islamic wives do not need to take thier husbands name, thus keeping thier identity
    • Watson
      • The burka is way of avoiding oppression and male aggression as it is a layer of protection from sexual harassment
    • Evaluation
      • Don't consider the impact of class and ethnicity
      • Don't address issue of secularisation and the positive/ negative impact it as on gender inequality
      • Ignore progress- women can now move up in the CoE since 1994
      • Ignore the comforting aspect of religion


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