Evaluation of feminist view of religion

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  • evaluation of the feminist view of religion
    • some religions are adapting to changing gender norms
      • 1992- cofe women priests, 2014 female bishops (libby lane) liberal judiasm women rabbs 1972
    • not all traditional religions are patriachal
      • sikkhism- scriptures say men and women should be treated equally. world would be nothing without women
      • buddism
      • quakers
    • many women don't feel oppressed by their religion
      • many see headcoverings in a positive way. may be imposed in some culters but not in others
      • charlotte bulter
        • qualitative research with muslim women. don't feel oppressed
        • religion is an important form of identity but don't feel british or muslim.
        • culture that is patriarchal not religion
      • linda woodhead
        • religious forms of feminism. allows for greater respect and freedom (defies beauty standards0
        • protest against veil ban in france


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