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  • religion and life MARRIAGE AND FAMILY KEY WORDS
    • adultery: having sex with someone other than your marriage partner
    • cohabitation: living together without being married
    • faithfulness: staying with your marriage partner and having sex with only them
    • pre-martial sex: sex before marriafe
    • promiscuity: having sex with multiple people without commitment
    • homosexuality: the sexual attraction to someone of the same gender
    • annulment: declaration by the church that a marriage never existed
    • re-marriage: marrying again after getting a divorce from previous marriage
    • re-consituated family: where two sets of children become step brothers/sister due to their parents remarrying
    • celibate life: one without sex
    • civil partnership: a ceremony giving homosexual people the same rights as husband and wife
    • procreation: creating a new life


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