Marriage and the family: Changing attitudes

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Marriage and the family

Changing attitudes to marriage and family life


Civil partnership- a legal ceremony giving a homosexual couplde the same legal rights as husband and wife.

Cohabitation-living together without being married.

Nuclear faily- mother, father and children living as a unit.

Re-constituted family- where two sets of children(step- brothers and step-sisters become one family when their divorced parents marry each other.

 How attitudes have changed

  • Most people now have sex before they get married
  • It is not acceptable to live together(cohabit) rather than marry and a greater percentage will do so.
  • The average age for marrying has increased dramatically.
  • Only a minority of marriages now take place in church.
  • Divorce is accpeted as a normal part of life and there has been an increase.
  • The extended family is becoming more popular as more mothers are in paid employment and use retired grandparents to look


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