Religion and Relationships

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key words __ relationships

marriage: a legal union between a man and a women

commitment: a promise to be faithful

vows: promises made by the couple to be faithfulto each other

contract: a formal agreement or a legal bond

marriage contract: a contract between a bride and women

covenant: an agreement

responsability: the legal or moral duty which a person has

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key words ___ sexual relationships

hetrosexual: a human who is sexually attracted only to the member of the opposite sex

homosexual: a human who is sexually attracted only to member of the opposite sex.

age os consent: the age at which someone can legally agree to have a sexual relationship

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key words ___ sex before marriage

sex before marriage: sex between two single people

sex outside marriage: sex between two people where at least one of them is married

love: a feeling od deep affection, and in this case sexual attraction for someone

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key words ___ religious attitudes to contraception

contraception: the artificial and chemical methods used to prevent pregnancy taking place

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key words __ being a good parent

parenting : acting as a parent

family (the) : a group of people who are related by blood, marriage or adoption

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key words __ divorce

divorce : the legal ending of a marriage

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