Religious Studies - Religion and Human Relationships

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  • Religion and Human Relationships
    • Beliefs about Divorce
      • Legal termination (ending) of a marriage.
      • When you get a divorce you are breaking the vows (covenant).
        • Breaking the promise you made to God.
      • Divorce is not welcomed in the teachings of the old testament.
      • "God has brought together. Let no man separate"
        • Why the Catholic Church don't agree.
      • Anunulment - can get a divorce if too young or forced.
      • Church of England is ok with it but try to help by getting them counseling.
    • Roles of Men and Women.
      • Men
        • Breadwinner
          • Working, earning the money.
        • "Forcrist is the head of men and women are the head of women.
      • Women
        • Cleaning
        • Cooking
        • Looking after the children.
        • "Women should stay silent in church"
    • Sexual Relationships
      • Catholic Church are against sex before marriage because they think that children should be brought up into a marriage.
      • Promiscuity-having more than one sexual partner.
      • Adultery-should only have one sexual partner, so don't cheat.
      • Church of England are okay with sex before marriage so that you can start a family.
    • Contraception
      • Artifical- condom, the pill, morning after pill, inplant, injection.
      • Natural- rhythm method, pull out withdrawal method.
      • Contraception allows you to enjoy sex not having to worry about getting pregnant. - Church of England.
      • Catholic Church prefers the rhythm method because the others you waste sperm.
        • All sperm is sacred.
      • "Be fruitful and multiply"
    • Key Words.
      • Monogamy-One sexual partner.
      • Adultery- Cheating on your partner.
      • Contraception- Methods used to prevent pregnancy and diseases.
      • Vows- a promise.


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