Regionalism and Global Politics

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  • Regionalism and Global Politics
    • The trend of Globalisation is challenged by the development of a "world of Regions"
      • Regionalism is the sucessor to the nation-state and the alternative to globalisation
        • evidence of this theory include Regional Bodies that have occurred since 1945
          • most prominent in the 60's and 80's
    • Has a 'new' Regionalism occurred?
      • traditionally cooperation on only:
        • Security
        • Politics
        • Economics
      • 'New' Regionalism is the strengthening or creation of Trade Blocs
        • Is this the creation of new opposing blocs or a step towards greater integration between blocs
          • Does regionalism promote or threaten international security?
    • What motivates this trend? are it and Globalisation linked or opposing forces


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