Cooper model of world order

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  • Cooper model of the world order
    • The "premodern" World
      • Post colonial state
        • beinfited neither from economic or political stability eg:
          • Somalia
          • Afghanistan
          • Liberia
            • seen as "weak" "failed" or "rouge" states
              • Somalia
              • Afghanistan
    • the "modern" world
      • continue to be effective and are protective of their own sovereignty
        • this world operates on the basis of the balance of power and the capability of a state is only limited by another
          • regional powers such as Brazil, China and India could ruin this balance of power
      • The United Nations upholds this world because it protects the sovereignty of these states and the EU is not a part
    • the "post modern" world
      • states have evolved past the westphilian state system
      • they have evolved past using war and use:
        • multilateral agreements
        • international law
        • global governance


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