Refraction and diffraction

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  • Refraction
    • Diffration
      • When waves bend around obstacles making the waves spread out
      • Waves spread out when they pass a gap or obstacle
      • Amount of diffraction depends on the size of the gap depending on the wavelength of the waves
        • The narrower the gap or the longer the wavelength, the more the wave spreads out
      • A narrow gap is one that is the same as the wavelength f the wave
        • Light can be diffracted but needs a v small gap because it has a small wavelength
    • When a wave changes speed between two substances it changes direction
    • If a wave hits the boundary between two medium face on it carries on in the same direction
    • If a wave hits a medium at an angle the wave changes direction
      • Its refracted
    • Only happens when waves hit a new medium at an angle
      • If traveling along the normal they will change speed but will not be refracted


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