Unit 4: Agriculture - Reducing Pesticide Use

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  • Reducing Pesticide Use
    • Crop Rotation
      • Pest species population reduced to a low level before the crop it harms becomes available again
    • Mulching
      • Material added to the soil surface e.g. bark or wood chips so that weed seedlings cannot get their leaves out to reach the sun
    • Barrier Crops
      • Plants with unpleasant smells to deter pests e.g. onions
    • Sowing Density
      • Close together produces high yield and helps to suppress weeds
        • Stress of overcrowding may mean more susceptible to pests and diseases
    • Sowing Date
      • Sowing later in spring means crops are less susceptible to pests (means lower yield)
    • Pest/Disease Resistant Varieties
    • Pheromone Traps
      • Chemical usually attracts mates so can be used to trap one sex and prevent breeding
        • Only target species affected by only used for certain species
    • Animal Hormones
      • Spray insects with hormones may cause abnormal development and death
    • Biological Control
      • Uses predators, parasites or diseases to control pest population
    • Diseases
    • Sterile-Male Techniques
      • Some females only reproduce once so if they mate with a sterile male they will never produce offspring


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