Assignment 2

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  • Barriers
    • Economics
      • Luxery
        • Need a high income to fund the leisure activities
          • Students, elderly and unemployed will struggle to afford leisure activities
        • Based on disposable income
      • Poverty
        • In 2007/08, 13.5 million of UK living in poverty
        • Fifth of the UK population
    • Choice
      • Are you limited where you live?
      • Can where you live help fund facilities?
      • Is there a wide variety to choose from?
        • Does it offer the activity you want?
    • Lifestyle
      • Lack Motivation
        • Not able to try something new
      • Kids take up time
      • Do men have more leisure time than women?
    • Disability
      • Ramps, facilities, specialist coaches and equipment needed
        • Costs money to employ people to teach the disabled people
        • 2000 act to make sure all facilities are provided at public places
      • What activities do disabled people want to do?
        • What do schools offer?
    • Equity & Diversity
      • RACISM
      • Burkha's restrict what sports
      • Gender
      • Ethnicity
      • Social Class
        • Can't Afford It


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