Red scare in the 1950s

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  • Red scare in the 1950s
    • Reasons for
      • Hollywood 10
        • HUAC investigated, fearing the spread of communist propaganda
          • Ten writers refused to give evidence and were imprisoned
      • Hiss Case 1948
        • Advisor to Roosevelt
          • HUAC sent him to trial - found guilty
      • Rosenberg case 1950
        • Couple arrested for passing atomic bomb secrets to Soviets
          • Death sentence
          • Mistrust spread - regular people could be reds too
      • China becoming communist
      • HUAC and FBI
    • McCarthyism
      • Methods
        • Claimed he had names of 205 communists in government
        • Played on fear in TV appearences
        • Accused his opposition (journalists)
        • Politicians did not want to speak out against him in fear of accusation
      • Opposition
        • 1953 Eisenhower set up investigation to clear "rumours"
        • McCarthy moved to committee where it was hoped he would get less publcity
        • 1953 - hunt communists in the army
          • Hearings on TV
          • Accused/ bullied general Zwicker - a war hero
            • Popularity decreased - people were proud of their war heroes
              • Senate voted to censure him
      • Impact
        • Fuelled red scare
        • blacklisted innocent people
        • Mistrust created
        • Communist party banned
        • 25 US states passed anti- communist laws


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