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  • 1. Why did a RED SCARE develop in the USA in the years 1945-50? (54)
    • 1. Events abroad
      • soviet expansion into eastern europe
        • satellite states
          • bulgaria
          • Poland
          • East Germany
        • western Europe is vulnerable
          • domino effect
      • China becomes communist
        • 1949
        • not allowed to join UN
      • War in Korea
        • 1950-53
        • Truman doctrine, stand against communsim
          • policy of containment
        • to stop spread of communism to Korea
      • Atomic bomb
        • arms race between USSR and USA
        • USA in range of their missiles
      • Berlin Blockade
        • 1948
          • stalin attempts to control berlin
        • prepared to risk a war for communism
      • Marshall plan, to rival comecon.
        • strong economies are less likely to fall for communism
    • 2. Events at home
      • a) Hollywood 10 case
        • investigated by the HUAC
        • 1947
        • the HUAC's investigations led to the red scare because famous people were being investigated and communism gained a lot of publicity
      • b) Federal Employee Loyalty program
        • Truman let hoover set it up
        • investigated government employees
        • scared that their government was communist
        • over 200 staff were security risks - lost their jobs
        • The FBI led to the red scare because people began to feel insecure and believed in communism...
          • because president Truman was allowing investigation which showed:
            • he feared communism and recognised that there was a risk of the USA becoming communist
      • c) Hiss case
        • The Hiss case caused more uncertainty in the red scare because he was a member of the US state department...
          • and americans didn't like the thought that there were communists in power, leading the USA
      • d) Rosenberg's case
        • caused a lot of tension because people in America would feel and communists in the country could be spies and working for the USSR , who now had an atom bomb. They were passing big secrets.
      • e) McCarren Act
        • showed that the threat of communism was serious as the government was taking action against it
    • 3. (Mc-Carthyism)
      • claimed he had a list of 200 communists in the state department
      • investigated general Zwicker, WW1 hero
      • 234 Hollywood personalities blacklisted
      • 100+ university lecturers fired
      • communism seems to be everywhere
      • people feared being witch-hunted as being a communist
      • communism control act passed
        • banned communist party
        • communist membership declined
    • fear it may spread abroad and enter the USA
    • This tension was enlarged on by McCarthy who made it seem there was a lot of communism in the USA


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