Cornwall's in Crisis. 

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  • Cornwall's in Crisis.
    • Problems faced.
      • Lack of rural services
        • 14% of rural parishes have access to  doctors surgery, 29% of parishes have no bus routes, 39% of households live over 2 km from a cash point.
      • Lack of employment opportunities.
        • A cycle of deprivation as under 18's expect to move away from the area as there are low jobs and low wages, creating a brain drain.
      • Low wages.
        • £329.30 in 2005 this is 25% below the national average.
      • Decline in the rural economy.
        • Primary sector employment in the 1970's in quarrying and mining but with the post production countryside it is suffering from a lack of opportunities
      • Decline in the tourist industry.
        • tourism employs 25% of people in some areas.
        • Jobs are mainly seasonal and poorly paid.
        • 33% of the profits stay within the local economy and the rest is economic leakage.
      • Lack of infrastructure.
        • No motorways to the area, only one rail connection.
      • Core and periphery theory.
        • Cornwall is disconnected from  the core.
        • 5 hours driving distance from London for heavy good vehicles.
        • The core produces 75%of the UK's good and services.
      • Gentrification.
        • Increase in numbers of second homes.
          • Increase in the amount of economic leakage
    • Negative multiplier effect.
      • Income.
        • Employment.
        • Deprived.
          • Employment.
      • Health + disability
        • Education
        • Very good
          • Education
      • Housing
        • Services.
        • Not stated.
          • Services.


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